Floating Hotel Service

Floating Hotel Accommodations for Dry Dock and New Builds

Miray International offers floating hotel charters to support ship owners while their vessels are being built or undergoing dry dock refurbishment. The floating hotel vessels are berthed within the shipyard providing on-site hotel accommodations, food and beverage services, entertainment, and meeting facilities that are required to support the project. By offering these services and accommodations within the shipyard, overall accommodation and transportation costs can be reduced as the crew and vendors working on the project do not need to be housed in off-site hotels which would require transportation services to and from the shipyard. Additionally, all meals can be provided on the floating hotel vessel for those who are housed on the vessels as well as for visitors. We provide fully staffed guest services teams, hotel teams, food and beverage teams, and entertainment teams to provide best in class services to your crew, project team, and vendors.


Our goal is to ensure your crew, project team, and vendors have a safe, quiet, and stress free experience at the end of a long day to help them rejuvenate and be ready for the next day. Safety is always a concern when working long hours, day after day. Having the ability to rest and relax in a comfortable environment is critical to maintaining alertness and awareness.


Wristband System


We offer a proprietary wristband system to provide security, and visibility as to who is on and off our vessels at all times. We are able to expand this system to your gangways as well so a single tap on/tap off system can be utilised. Furthermore, with our wristband system, your crew, project team, and vendors can add funds to their wristband to pay for sundries, coffee, soda, bottled water, wine, beer, and other services offered onboard our vessels. 


Project Planning 

We will work closely with the shipyard and your team, from the initial project planning stages through the successful completion of your project to understand your needs and create a customized solution that fits within your budget.  Our team has the experience to manage your berthing arrangements, and will work with your team to house as many individuals as needed comfortably within the available space. We will also provide assistance with IT services, menu planning, meeting space requirements, and any other services desired.

Our team has experience working not only as part of new build and dry dock teams, but also providing accommodation services to those teams, so we understand what it takes to work through a challenging project and the criticality of all elements to fit together perfectly.